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The Illinois Library Association (ILA) is the third largest state library association, with more than 2,500 personal and 500 institutional members, made up of public, academic, school, and special libraries as well as librarians, library assistants, trustees, students, and library vendors. ILA connects library professionals and supporters with each other and to the important issues facing libraries today—from trends and innovation to advocacy and education.

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In the fall of 2014, ILA contracted Webitects to gather information and requirements pertaining to a complete redesign of the existing website as well as development and full integration with a custom member database and content management system. To this end, Webitects attended the ILA 2014 Annual Conference, interviewed board members and members at large, conducted a card sort, and collaborated with ILA staff to identify needs that an improved web presence and supporting systems might address.

The information and requirements gathering process helped identify a path forward, with three key components to be addressed: Redesign of ILA’s primary website, a new web-based membership management system, and redesign of ILA’s secondary website for the Illinois Reading Enrichment and Development (iREAD) program.

ILA’s primary website was redesigned and rebuilt in accordance with current web standards and best practices. It is supported by Webitects’ easy-to-use browser-based content management system allowing ILA staff to easily maintain site content, which is now better organized to match user needs, perceptions, current ILA business, and communication goals. Emphasis was placed on usability and simplifying both member and public interaction with ILA.

A new web-based membership management system replaced that existing, and now seamlessly integrates with ILA websites and streamlines several manual processes. Users are able to apply for membership, pay dues, register for events, update their profiles, access member only content, and otherwise conduct routine administrative tasks without assistance from ILA staff.

The Illinois Reading Enrichment and Development (iREAD) program website is also being redesigned and rebuilt based on current web standards and best practices (it will launch this fall). Primary goals include improved usability, prominent product search and browse options, and integration with the web-based membership management system.

Implementation of this project has provided ILA with comprehensive content management, facilitated the communication goals of the organization, and in conjunction with the custom web-based membership database, allowed for seamless integration of both websites with key back office functions.

Webitects designed and developed this site and is no longer servicing it.

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