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CJCJ: California Sentencing Institute

The sentencing policies and practices in California widely vary across its 58 counties and the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice (CJCJ) developed the California Sentencing Institute (CASI) to bring the dialog about them to the public. Webitects worked with the talented team at CJCJ to build a data visualization tool to explore how California counties send their residents to correctional institutions.

CJCJ previously had a basic tool for presenting sentencing and policy data but Webitects worked closely with them to redesign it from scratch for both researchers and the general public in a clear manner that allows for flexible exploration of the data.

Los Angeles county profile page

CASI encourages visitors to analyze data on topics ranging from state prison populations to poverty rate by adults, juveniles, offenses, race, and gender for each year since 2009. Counties are also compared to the state average, allowing visitors to gauge how they stack up. The site has two main views:

New data is added each year after dedicated CJCJ staff collects it by reaching out each of California's 58 counties. All data is freely available for download as spreadsheets organized for readability and additional offline analysis.

A special considerations was also made for those who aren't from California or aren't familiar with its counties. Charts and maps are synced allowing visitors to find counties by browsing by location or by ranking on a topic.

CASI was designed as a companion microsite to complement the existing CJCJ website, which was also designed built by Webitects and which contains more information about the project and related articles published by CJCJ. It was built using a combination of Webitects' own custom integrated content management system and established data visualization libraries like D3.js, Highcharts, and Google Maps API.

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