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Billy Belchev


Billy Belchev

Bilyan "Billy" Belchev is the president of Webitects. Since the beginning of the millennium (which would only be twelve years), he has believed that the most efficient way to design a successful site is to consult directly with the people who will be using it. This approach has a fancy name–user research. Billy stays focused on lightweight (Agile) methods to user research that can be applied to projects with time or budget limits (in other words, all projects).

Billy likes sharing his opinion with clients on how to avoid producing Carelman teapots (shown in photo), but only if he has enough evidence that it might help. When clients are not around to listen, Billy lectures graduate students in the Usability & Research course at Illinois Institute of Technology, or various conference attendees.

In his spare time, Billy works on forming new opinions (to be shared in the future) on how to solve complex information problems (like faceted search), how to conduct usability testing more efficiently, or where to buy good wine at fair prices.

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Webitects formed in 1995 knowing the web was going to be more than a flash in the pan. Since then, we've been building successful websites based on a user-centered design philosophy. We enjoy long-lasting relationships with our clients because of our personal touch and dedication to them.

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